Benefits Of Ceramides For Skincare

Can ceramides be effective for your skin?

What are ceramides? There are multiple products that are available in the market today for skincare, but one of the secrets to keeping your skin looking healthy and hydrated are ceramides.

Ceramides are one of the most important lipid components of the skin and make up a large portion of our skin. The uppermost layer of the skin cells houses the ceramides.


Functions of ceramides:

We lose ceramides with age and this loss is even more pronounced in individuals with a predisposition to dry skin and eczema. The proportionate amount of natural ceramides in the skin is really important as it serves as a glue to the cells making up your skin barrier.  Ceramides allow you to keep the moisture inside your skin and keep environmental stressors on the outside of your skin.


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Benefits of ceramides for skin:

 The top benefits of ceramides are listed below:

  • Ceramides guard the skin:

We all know that healthy skin is important and it requires proper skin integrity. If the skin is exposed it can lead to damage, breakdown, and injury. Ceramides maintain the barrier of the skin and an ample amount must be present for it to maintain this function.


How do they protect the skin?

Ceramides work by serving as the glue or mortar that holds together the “wall” of the outer layer of your skin. They hold together the epidermal skin cells and help in maintaining the formation of the intercellular matrix.

  • Lack of Transepidermal Water Loss:

Transepidermal water loss is the evaporation of water from the body to the surrounding atmosphere through the epidermis. Evaporation of water from the body results in dryness, dehydration, and irritation.

Ceramides protect against this water loss. They bond with different skin lipids that help prevent transepidermal water loss. Hence, they are critical to healthier and hydrated skin.

  • Keeps the skin moisturized:

 Moisturized skin is a goal for many people. But some factors like pollution, sleeping schedule, tension and stress, and other related factors take away the brightness and hydration of the skin.

Ceramides prevent water loss from our body and maintain the moisture content.

  • Help with dry skin and eczema:

Inadequate moisture and inadequate skin barrier functions are key parts of eczema or atopic dermatitis.  Ceramides are critical components of the skin barrier and relative loss of ceramides may contribute to these conditions and to dry and flaky skin.  Re-establishing of the skin barrier with ceramides in skin care products may be an effective strategy in treating very dry and irritated skin.


Ceramides are counted as one of the most important elements of your skin. They act as a lifesaver when it comes to hydration, nourishment, and rejuvenation of the skin.  We added ceramides to Skintensive Body Butter to help with re-establishing your skin barrier and to optimize your skin hydration!


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