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At Skintensive, we understand that it takes extra care to keep skin healthy and resilient as the years go by. That’s why we craft our products specially for maturing skin, whether you’re in your 30s or your 70s. Each formula is packed with vitamins and antioxidants sourced from potent natural ingredients and backed by the latest science. No matter your age, healthier skin is here. 

Skintensive: Made for Maturing Skin ®

What is Maturing Skin?
It’s no secret that our skin changes as we age, with the telltale signs often appearing in our 30s and continuing into the golden years of life. But there’s more to it than just fine lines and wrinkles. As UV damage accumulates, skin loses elasticity, becomes increasingly thin and crepey, and develops pigmentation and more pronounced pores. Maturing skin can also become ultra sensitive, eczema prone, and easily irritated. At Skintensive, our formulas are specifically designed to address the needs of maturing and sensitive skin. Our products are formulated to restore elasticity through collagen remodeling and crafted to deliver the nutrients skin needs to stay healthy and vibrant for many years to come.

The Power of Nature

Everything we do is guided by clinical science, which is why we know that some of the most potent skincare ingredients come straight from nature. Our formulas are crafted with naturally healing and restorative ingredients like arnica, sea buckthorn, and bakuchiol.

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