Bruise Cream

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Award-winning cream to reduce the appearance of bruises. Revitalize easily bruised skin from trauma, surgery, procedures, bumps, and scrapes.


  • Apply a generous amount directly to affected areas.
  • For best results, use 2-3x per day on bruises for at least four weeks.
  • Cream can also be used on skin prone to bruising, or actinic purpura.


Mature, fragile, dry, oily, combination

  • Solar Purpura, Senile Purpura, Actinic Purpura
  • Thin skin bruising, Blood thinner bruising
  • Post-procedure bruising, Athletic bruising

IRB Approved Split Body Clinical Testing Completed in July 2023 Showed

  • 88% of subjects reported improvement of bruise appearance on the Skintensive treated side
  • 94% of subjects would recommend Skintensive Bruise Cream to their family or friends


Winner of New Beauty Award

A NewBeauty winner in 2022 and 2024 - our cream has been scientifically formulated and clinically tested to help with appearance of bruises and purpura. 88% Saw Improvement of Bruise Appearance in Independent IRB-approved Clinical Testing.

Critical ingredients like Arnica montana, vitamin K, vitamin E promote reduction in bruise appearance. If you experience frequent bruising from bumps, scrapes, surgery, or the use of certain medications, the Bruise Cream provides the results you can see and feel without irritation.

Bruise Cream

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Experts in Bruising

Surgeries, cosmetic procedures, medications, years of sun exposure, athletic bruising, bumps and scrapes—the reasons for bruises and scars may be different, but the mission of our Bruise Cream is always the same: to help improve the appearance of your skin. With Arnica montana, coconut oil, and vitamins C, K and E, this formula has been meticulously crafted.

Post-Procedural Bruising

NewBeauty Magazine “Post-Procedure Must-Have” (2022)

NewBeauty Magazine "Best Bruise Cream" (2024).

Whether you’ve had laser treatments, fillers, or another procedure, your skin needs extra care during recovery. Our Arnica montana cream improves the appearance of your bruised skin while moisturizing, leaving skin more radiant than before. It is a favorite among physicians and patients. 

What You'll Find Inside

Arnica Montana

Clinically studied for anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Used for medicinal purposes since 1500s. The plant is native to Europe, Siberia and North America.

Coconut Oil

This hydration powerhouse moisturizes the skin barrier and has been studied for decades in some of the most common dermatologic diseases.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is a critical component of the clotting process. Clinically studied for many dermatology ailments including bruising and collagen disorders.

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